About Us


The only reason we are able to offer premium shoes & merchandise at such reasonable prices is because everything we sell is considered Unauthorized Authentic (UA). 

This simply means that our products are made with the same exact materials as the products you see in retail stores. You will even receive the same exact packaging, laces, zip ties & accessories (if any). Yes, we are that good at what we do!

All our prices are based on the cost of production & we only produce our products in very limited batches each time in order to maintain top quality and consistency for everyone. Big brands intentionally release a limited number of pairs on the market, so they can create scarcity and pump up the prices as much as they want. We don’t do that!

​In order to fully understand this principle (and make sure that our products are 100% the same) you would need to know how the industry works behind the scenes.

Still think it’s too good to be true? Check out our ‘About Us’ page where we explain this in further detail.